RBLTracker Slack notifications are configured using a custom RBLTracker BOT app, which you can authorize right from the RBLTracker Portal.

In RBLTracker

You can add a Slack Contact type from the Manage -> Contacts section of the RBLTracker Portal.


Select “Slack” from the Contact Type drop-down. This will automatically open up the Slack authorization dialog, prompting you to authorize the installation of the RBLTracker app. This will let you confirm your identity, as well as select the channel to post RBLTracker notifications to:

Slack Authorization Dialog

Simpy click Authorize to grant permission to the RBLTracker BOT to post messages to the selected channel. This authorization dialog will then close, and auto-populate the Contact Information field with the authorized webhook URL. Adjust the additional fields as needed, and then click “Add New Contact” above.

After clicking “Add New Contact“, you’ll receive a confirmation message via Slack, with a confirmation code which you need to add to the portal to confirm.

If you don’t receive the confirmation message for some reason, you can also click the “Resend” option to resend the confirmation message.

Once a contact is confirmed, it will be ready to use.