In OpsGenie

RBLTracker OpsGenie alerts are configured using the OpsGenie API Integration type. Start by logging into your OpsGenie account, and navigate to the Integrations section from the menu on the left:

From the “Add New Integrations” tab at the top, select the “API” integration type:

This will open the integrations settings dialog. Enter RBLTracker as the name, and configure the remaining fields as needed. Before closing this window, click the copy icon at the end of the API Key field to copy the API key for this integration:

Once you’ve filled in this form, click the “Save Integration” button at the bottom.

In RBLTracker

Now that you’ve copied the OpsGenie API Key, go to the Manage -> Contacts section of the RBLTracker Portal, and click the “Add New Contact” button in the top right corner:

Select “OpsGenie” from the Contact Type drop-down, and enter the OpsGenie integration API Key you copied, in the API Key field, then click “Add New Contact“:

Once you’ve added the contact, you will immediately be able to start using it.