In PagerDuty

1. In your account, under the Configuration tab, select Services from the dropdown menu.


2. From the Services page, click the green + Add New Service button in the upper-right corner.


3. Enter a service name and select an Escalation Policy. Start typing “RBLTracker” under Integration Type to filter your choices. Then click the Add Service button.

4. On the service page under Integration Settings, copy the Integration key to your clipboard.


A full integration guide is also available from the PagerDuty integrations guide site.

In RBLTracker

You can add a PagerDuty Contact type from the Manage -> Contacts section of the RBLTracker Portal.


Select “PagerDuty” from the Contact Type drop-down, and enter your PagerDuty Integration Key in the Contact Information field.

Your PagerDuty Integration Key is automatically confirmed against the PagerDuty network, so your new contact is ready to use right away.