PagerDuty Support and Expanded API Functionality

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In today’s ever-connected world, integrations are key to realizing the full value of any product. At RBLTracker, we know that organizations have established support, alerting, escalation, and provisioning procedures already in place, and we want to work directly with these processes- not against them.

The newest release of RBLTracker includes two new features, which make integrating RBLTracker into your existing processes, that much easier:

PagerDuty Support

pagerduty_logo_green-e1421033149687 provides alerting, on-call scheduling, escalation policies, and incident tracking to increase up time of your apps, servers, websites, and databases.

Customers using the PagerDuty service can now integrate RBLTracker directly into their existing escalation process, by following this simple integration guide.

PagerDuty support is available to all paid RBLTracker accounts. Sign up Today!

Expanded API Functionality

Previous releases of the RBLTracker service provided a limited, read-only API, which let customers integrate RBLTracker into their existing monitoring systems. Today’s release expands that functionality, to allow both read and write functionality, giving customers the ability to manage both Hosts and Contacts, through a simple web-based API.

This functionality allows customers to integrate RBLTracker into existing provisioning processes, to ensure that all hosts that should be monitored- are.

When a new IP address is allocated to a customer in your system, make a simple API call to RBLTracker to enable monitoring:

# wget --post-data="type=rbl&name=Test&host=" -qO-

    "status_code": 200,
    "status_message": "Hosts added successfully.",
    "data": [
            "id": "37c46a725dd8adab28d35b9f200c198d",
            "host": "",
            "name": "Test"
    "version": "2.0"

When an IP address is reclaimed, remove it from our system:

# wget --post-data="id=37c46a725dd8adab28d35b9f200c198d" -qO-

    "status_code": 200,
    "status_message": "Host deleted successfully.",
    "version": "2.0"

It’s that simple. Only pay for hosts that need to be monitored, and nothing more.

Write functionality is automatically enabled for all customers that currently have access to the RBLTracker API service.

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