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We’re extremely excited to announce that RBLTracker now supports sending listing and delisting event notifications to your Datadog Dashboard. Today’s how-to blog post shows you exactly how to get a Datadog integration up and running in just a few simple steps.

In Datadog

Datadog Events are triggered using the Application Keys integrations, available from the Integrations -> APIs section of your Datadog portal. All your need is an API Key to enable Datadog Events.

In the Datadog portal, navigate to the Integrations -> APIs section.

Make sure you have at least one API Key generated. If not, select “Create API key” to generate a new key:

Add a Datadog API Key


In RBLTracker

You can add a new Datadog Contact from the Manage -> Contacts section of the RBLTracker Portal:

Select “Datadog” from the Contact Type drop-down, and then enter the API Key from the Datadog portal. After clicking “Add New Contact”, you’ll receive a confirmation message to your Datadog account, with a confirmation code which you need to add to the portal to confirm:

Confirm the New Datadog Contact

If you don’t receive the confirmation message for some reason, you can click the “Resend” option to resend the confirmation message.

Once a contact is confirmed, it will be ready to use.


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