New Flexible Pay-Per-Check Pricing Model

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The RBLTracker system is an automated service that scans over 60 RBL’s, 20 URIBL’s, and the Google Safe Browsing database, to see if any of your IP addresses and website URL’s are currently blocked.

As of Sept 1st,, RBLTracker is offering a pay-per-check pricing model through its new Ultimate package. This new package lets you add as many hosts to your account as you like, and rather than paying for a certain number of hosts, you pay a low, scaled price per-check.

How does this work?

Per-Check pricing means that you can monitor an unlimited number of hosts, by simply adding credits on your account towards checks. When the credit on your account runs out, the checks stop- it’s that simple.

The cost-per-check scales with the number of hosts on your account. The current per-check pricing sheet is as follows:

  • Between 0 and 199 hosts, the cost-per-check is $0.0050/check
  • Between 200 and 499 hosts, the cost-per-check is $0.0048/check
  • Between 500 and 999 hosts, the cost-per-check is $0.0045/check
  • Between 1000 and 2499 hosts, the cost-per-check is $0.0040/check
  • Between 2500 and 4999 hosts, the cost-per-check is $0.0035/check
  • 5000 hosts and up, the cost-per-check is $0.0030/check

Put as much or as little credit on your account as you like- it will never expire, and we’ll let you know when your credit is running out.

How many hosts can I really add?

Really, you can add as many as you’d like! We’ve already had a customer that added over 6000 hosts to their account!

What else comes with the Ultimate package?

The Ultimate package includes all the same features of our Enterprise package, which includes multiple checks per day, SMS notifications, and much more. See the pricing page for all the package details.

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