How To: Setting up Automatic Payments

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Automatic payments can be configured via the Billing -> Overview page of the RBLTracker portal, for both customers on the Ultimate package, and for customers on month-to-month packages.

Auto-Recharge: Ultimate Package

Customers on the Ultimate package can enable the Auto-Recharge feature on their account, by selecting the “Change Settings” link:

Auto Recharge Payments

Click to enable or disable the auto-recharge feature, and then select a threshold, recharge-to amount, and payment source.

Enable Auto-Recharge Payments

In the example above, if the account balance falls below $100, the auto-recharge process will take a payment from the selected credit card, and bring the balance back up to $200.

Auto-recharge requires a valid credit card; we do not currently support auto-recharge from a Paypal account.

Auto-Renewal: Month-to-Month Packages

Customers on month-to-month packages (Starter, Professional, and Enterprise packages), can enable auto-renewal of their current package:


Click the “Auto-Renewal” option under your current month-to-month package, and then click to enable the auto-renew feature, and select a payment source:

Auto Renewal Payment Source

Auto-renewals are processed 7 days before the normal expiration date of the package, and requires a valid credit card; we do not currently support auto-renewal from a Paypal account.

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