How To: Managing Sub-Accounts

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RBLTracker supports adding sub-accounts to your primary RBLTracker account. Each sub-account can have their own username (their email address) and password to login, and can be configured with separate roles:

  1. Administrator – sub-accounts with an Administrator role will have full access to your account. The only thing they can’t do, is modify your primary account details.
  2. Billing Manager – in addition to read-only access to check results, sub-accounts with this role have access to billing related details- adding credit cards, making payments, changing packages, and viewing receipts. Sub-accounts with this role will also receive renewal and expiration notices related to your account.
  3. Developer – in addition to real-only access to check results, sub-accounts with this role will have to access to the API and API Callback settings on your account.
  4. No Role – when no role is selected the sub-account is effectively read-only, giving them access to check results only.

To manage sub-accounts, visit the Account -> Sub-Accounts page of the RBLTracker portal.


The sub-account owner will receive a confirmation email, prompting them to set an initial password for their account. This is done so that only the owner of the account knows the password, and no passwords are ever passed via email or in and unencrypted connection.

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