RBLTracker offers two different types of packages: Pay-Per-Check and Monthly packages. Both of which have features customers can appreciate:


The RBLTracker Ultimate package is our Pay-Per-Check pricing package. With this package, a credit is placed on the customers account, and is consumed as checks are processed. The rate at which the credit is consumed, depends on the number of hosts being checked, and the check frequency (how often the hosts are checked).

Pros: This package is incredibly flexible, and lets customers check as many hosts as they like (we currently have customers with +50,000 plus hosts), as often as they like. Customers also only ever pay for exactly what they use.

Cons: Because the check rate depends on the number of hosts and check frequency, customers need to consider how long their credits will last. RBLTracker provides an easy-to-use Cost Calculator via the Billing -> Cost Calculator section of the the RBLTracker portal.

RBLTracker will also never use more than the credit on your account- so you will never “owe” money to RBLTracker.

Monthly Packages

RBLTracker provides two levels of monthly packages: the Professional Package, and the Enterprise Package, both of which have a set number of allowed hosts, and a static check frequency.

Pros: A one-time fee lasts the full month (customers can pay in 6, 12, or 24 month increments), which may be more comfortable for some customers.

Cons: Each package is limited to a set number of hosts, and a static check frequency, and can not  be adjusted, so they’re less flexible.


Customers can choose the package type that best suites their needs., though RBLTracker recommends the Ultimate package.