The RBLTracker Ultimate package offers a simple, easy to understand per-check pricing model, designed for companies that want to monitor hundreds or thousands of hosts, and don’t want to be limited by the number of hosts they can add to their account at any time.

Per-Check pricing means that you can monitor an unlimited number of hosts, by simply adding credits on your account towards checks. When the credit on your account runs out, the checks stop- it’s that simple.

Customers on the Ultimate package can also adjust the check frequency of their hosts, to a window between 48 hours (every second day), to up to every hour (24 checks per day).

Per-Check pricing starts at $0.005/check (a half a cent), and actually goes down with the number of hosts you add to your account:

  • Between 0 and 199 hosts, the cost-per-check is $0.0050/check
  • Between 200 and 499 hosts, the cost-per-check is $0.0048/check
  • Between 500 and 999 hosts, the cost-per-check is $0.0045/check
  • Between 1000 and 2499 hosts, the cost-per-check is $0.0040/check
  • Between 2500 and 4999 hosts, the cost-per-check is $0.0035/check
  • 5000 hosts and up, the cost-per-check is $0.0030/check

Put as much or as little credit on your account as you like- it will never expire, and we’ll let you know your credit is running out.