Premium Data Sources and Updated Portal

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After several months of development and testing, and lots of feedback from our valued customers, we’re excited to announce the latest release of the RBLTracker monitoring service.

This release includes a long list of new features, bug fixes, and various changes- too many to list in one post. Some of the changes include:

Premium Data Sources

This release includes three new data sources, including:

These new data sources give customers the ability to gather information from other vectors, beyond what is provided by the DNS RBLs.

These new premium data sources are not enabled by default; paid customers can enable these new data sources at any time, by enabling them on their RBL Profile, via the Manage -> RBL Profiles section of the RBLTracker Portal.

Streamlined Manual Checks

The updated RBLTracker Portal, includes a new streamlined manual check interface.

Manual checks can now also be triggered directly from the Overview, Listings, and Hosts section of the RBLTracker portal, letting you re-check a host with a single click:

Updating Styling Throughout

We’ve also updated styling throughout the portal, from the style of the pop-ups, to the loader icon, to the forms for adding new Hosts and Contacts:

We’d like to thank our customers for all their input. Your comments and suggestions help make RBLTracker one of the most effective blacklist monitoring tools!

If you have any questions or comments about this release, we want to hear from you!

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