Google Safe Browsing Version 4 Upgrade

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We’re excited to announce the release of the updated Google Safe Browsing service, for all RBLTracker customers. The updated Safe Browsing database service (version 4), provides extra information related to the threat, including new threat types beyond simple “malware” or “phishing”, as well as the target platforms for the threat.

The new threat type and platform type can be one of the following:

Threat Types

Four threat types are identified by the Google Database:

  • Malware – these are viruses that have infected, or are being spread by this host.
  • Social Engineering – this is a phishing style attack, generally used to collect information from unsuspecting visitors.
  • Harmful Applications – these are applications or hosts that are harmful in some other way.
  • Unwanted Software – these are applications or hosts that are generally seen as unwanted applications or installs.

Platforms Types

Six platforms are identified by the Google Database:

  • Windows – the Microsoft Windows operating systems; used on most PC’s around the world.
  • Linux – the Linux operating system- not distribution specific.
  • Android Mobile – the Android mobile operating system, using on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Apple OSX – the Apple operating system used on Apple devices (excluding iPhones, iPads, etc.)
  • Apple iPhone – the iOS operating system used on Apple iPhones, iPads, iWatch, etc.
  • Chrome OS – the Chrome operating system used on Chrome books.

The platform can also be identified as “All Platforms“, indicating the threat effects all platforms, or “Any Platform” indicating that it can affect one or more.

This new data will be included in the RBLTracker check results from now on- customer may already notice this data in their blacklist monitoring reports.

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