Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We want you to feel comfortable using RBLTracker services. Because we gather certain types of information about the users of RBLTracker’s network, we feel you should fully understand what information we gather and how we use that information.

RBLTracker employees are required to familiarize themselves with this privacy policy as a condition of their employment, and any employee violating the policy is subject to disciplinary action and/or termination.

Per our current sign-up process, when you sign up for an RBLTracker account, you are giving RBLTracker consent to collect and store the data outlined below. The data collected below is required for normal operation of the RBLTracker service.

If you do not consent, then you should not sign up for an RBLTracker account.

  1. When you register for an RBLTracker account, RBLTracker obtains contact information, including your name and email address. When you use RBLTracker’s service, our systems records information about your session, including the dates and times of use, and the specific Internet address assigned to you. Finally, RBLTracker keeps records of your payment history and communications you have with RBLTracker’s support team.
  2. RBLTracker may also collect, when provided by you through the RBLTracker portal: IP addresses, domain names, Email addresses, and phone numbers. This information is used during the normal operation of the RBLTracker service.
  3. RBLTracker encrypts all collected data in it’s databases, and uses common anonymization techniques for stored data whenever possible.
  4. RBLTracker uses the information it gathers in order to provide you with the best online experience possible. As you might expect, contact information is used to contact you concerning your account and our company. Payment information is used to validate your identity and to bill you for the services and products you order. Information on your online sessions is used to allocate system resources and to ensure compliance with RBLTracker’s Terms of Service Agreement.
  5. Information on your communications with RBLTracker’s support team is used to address the issues raised by your communications. RBLTracker regularly sends out mailings regarding the operation of its service. We DO NOT send out mailings containing sales or marketing material related to other goods and services. We keep our mailing to strictly informational purposes on the services to which you currently subscribe.
  6. RBLTracker WILL NOT share or disclose sensitive information regarding its subscribers except:
    • When we receive legal process such as a court order;
    • When reasonably necessary to protect the company’s rights or property; or
    • In emergencies where someone’s safety is at risk.
  7. RBLTracker does not share or disclose any collected information with any sub-processors, except:
    • Google, Inc. – The Google Analytics service is used on the RBLTracker websites to collect analytics information about the usage and performance of the RBLTracker websites. Review Google’s compliancy details.
    • Twilio, Inc. – If you choose to use the RBLTracker SMS notification feature, then your mobile phone number is shared to provide this service. Review Twilio’s compliancy details.
  8. RBLTracker reserves the right to use organization names, logos, and voluntary quotes, in marketing or promotional material, including, but not limited to: emails, documents, and the RBLTracker website. The scope of use will be strictly limited to these purposes, and will never be used for third-party promotion.
  9. You may correct all of the personal information that RBLTracker has on file for you by visiting the RBLTracker Portal.
  10. If you ever leave RBLTracker, RBLTracker will normally delete your personally identifiable account information 90 days after the account is cancelled, unless we are under a legal obligation to retain it. We preserve account information for this short period of time in the event you wish to reactivate your account and retain your previous data. However, in the event of any accounting irregularities, RBLTracker reserves the right to retain your contact and billing information as necessary to resolve the matter.
  11. If you cancel your RBLTracker account, and would like your information deleted sooner than our normal 90 day policy, or if you would like a digital copy of any data we currently hold for you, contact our support team.

RBLTracker reserves the right to make changes to this policy. Those changes will become effective 30 days after notice of them is posted here. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact RBLTracker directly.

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