bulk_add_buttonRBLTracker has an easy to use bulk host import tool, available from the Manage -> Hosts section of the portal.

Clicking this option will open the bulk import dialog, which will let you select a CSV document with a list of host descriptions (labels), and host values (either IP addresses or domains).


Click “Choose File” to select your CSV document to upload, and then click the “Upload” button.

RBLTracker will process your CSV document, and present you with a list of hosts to import. RBLTracker will automatically remove duplicates, or mark hosts as invalid if we’re not able to parse or identify the values.


Finally, click “Save Hosts” to import the listed hosts into your RBLTracker profile.

The CSV format required is simple: Description, Host

For example, the CSV document used in the example above, was simply:

Primary Mail Server,
Secondary Mail Server,
Main Website, example.com