Hosts can be added via the Manage -> Hosts section of the RBLTracker portal, or via our API.


Simply select the host type (IP address or domain), enter a description (a label), and then host value, and click “Add New Host” in the top-right corner. The host value can either be one of:

  • IP Address – specified as a single IP address (x.x.x.x), a CIDR range (x.x.x.x/y), or a range (x.x.x.x – x.x.x.y). When adding a CIDR or range, each IP address is added individually, and will show up under your list of hosts.
  • Domain Name – for example:
  • IP Range – also specified as a CIDR range or IP range, but only one entry shows up under your list hosts. All IP addresses in the range will be monitored, but using this type lets you manage the whole range as a single host.

You can also select a pre-configured RBL Profile or Contact Group to use with this new Host.

Paid customers will also have access to the Bulk Import feature, which lets users upload a CSV document with a list of description and hosts to import.