Top 7 Tips for Getting Your Hosts Delisted

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So you’ve been blacklisted? Before you click that button to get your hosts delisted, make sure to follow our top 7 tips for getting your hosts delisted:

  1. Check the description returned by the blacklist provider. Most blacklist providers include a text description, and often a URL that links to a page to be delisted. RBLTracker returns this data, and links to these sites for you, right from your RBLTracker reports.
  2. Fix the problem before delisting your host! Once you know you’ve been listed, it generally only take s a few clicks to get delisted. But before you do, make sure that you’ve fixed the problem before you delist your host, otherwise you’ll likely just be relisted. Not only does this just waste your time, but many blacklist providers will have additional penalties (for example delays on how soon you can try delisting your host again) if you end up being immediately relisted. You can end up just making things much worse!
  3. Keep track of the changes you made resolving your email issue. This information may be requested by the blacklist provider when you apply to be delisted.
  4. Be polite and patient when requesting to be delisted. Many delisting options are automated, but some are handled manually by representatives of the blacklist providers. Sending them threatening messages, or multiple messages per-day, could lead to your host being permanently listed or your delisting requests ignored.
  5. Be patient- it can take anywhere from a few minutes, to a few days, depending on the blacklist provider, to be delisted. Some automated systems are fast, but manual shops may need time to validate that you are no longer spamming or sending malware, before they’ll delist you.
  6. Follow the instructions properly, and fill out the required forms completely when requesting to be delisted. If you don’t complete the required information, your delisting request will likely be ignored without a response.
  7. Never pay to be delisted. Some blacklist providers will charge money to be delisted, or to be delisted faster. RBLTracker does not recommend paying to be delisted, and we do not condone services that require payment.

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