Node.js Helper Library and Expanded API Features

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We’re extremely excited to announce the release of the official Node.js helper library for the RBLTracker REST API. Developers can use this simple package to integrate all the features of the RBLTracker service, into existing or new Node.js applications.


The Node.js library can be installed as an NPM package:

npm install rbltracker

The source code is also available for download or clone, from the RBLTracker GitHub site.

API Access Token

To use the Node.js library, you must access the Account SID and Access Token, available from the Account -> API Access section of the RBLTracker Portal.

Node.js Helper Library

Example Usage

Using the library is simple- for example, to retrieve a full list of all the hosts on your RBLTracker account:

var client = require('rbltracker')('Your Account SID', 'Your Auth Token');

client.hosts.get({ page_size: 10 }).then(data => {
        console.log("Host: " + + ", Name: " +;

}).catch(err => {


The returned data object, is a simple JSON object, that can be easily iterated and parsed.

See our detailed API reference site for a complete list of all of the Node.js library features.

API Version 3.5

This latest update also includes a significantly expanded API feature set, giving customers even more access to their RBLTracker account, and data, via the API.

This latest released provides customers with the added ability to:

  • Fully manage their Contact Groups, including mapping Contacts to Contact Groups.
  • Fully manage their RBL Profiles, including selecting the individual RBLs used for each profile, and assigning the profiles to Hosts.
  • Fully manage their Custom RBLs.

All these features are available via the Node.js (v1.0.0), and PHP (v1.0.1) helper libraries, as well as directly via the API.

We also launched a brand new API reference site, which includes a detailed function reference, and complete examples, for all the currently supported features, in one simple site.

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