MxToolBox Alternative – RBLTracker

Are you looking for an MxToolBox alternative for blacklist monitoring? Here is a quick list of reasons why we think RBLTracker is the better option.

  • Flexible Pricing – whether you want a simple, low, set monthly or yearly cost, or you prefer a flexible option, that lets you pay for only the hosts you want to monitor, and nothing more, we have a package for you.Our Ultimate package pricing scales with usage, and doesn’t force you to commit to a set package- just pay for the checks you use, and nothing else.
  • Customizable Blacklists – we currently monitor over 90 RBLs that we have found to be reliable, but we have the option to add custom RBLs to the list (if there’s a blacklist that you want to check, but is not currently on our list), as well as enable/disable any blacklists you don’t want to check.
  • Domain Blacklists – we’re currently the only provider monitoring URIBL lists – black lists for your domains and websites.
  • Safe Browsing Monitoring – we’re currently the only provider monitoring the Google Safe Browsing and Yandex Safe Browsing databases for your website domains. This is the database that Chrome and Firefox use to alert visitors about compromised websites.
  • Facebook Threat Exchange – we’re currently the only provider monitoring the Facebook Threat Exchange; a shared threat exchange platform used by some of the most well-known companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Dropbox, Zendesk– and over 300 others! This will tell if you if your IP address or website domain is being blocked by these platforms.
  • We Know How To Scale – we’re currently processing around half a million checks per-day, for individuals and companies all around the world. We have dozens of companies that monitor 10k+ IP addresses and domains each day.

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